Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Joining the Apolitical community

How do I become an Apolitical community member?

Sign up and your application will be reviewed by a member of the team within 72 hours (if you have a pre-approved government email address, you will automatically receive your verification code). Alternatively, you can sign up through any of our course, email boot camp, or event registration pages.

When will my account be activated?

If your application meets our membership requirements you will need to:

  1. Receive a 6 digit verification code
  2. Provide a recovery email (once you have verified your account using the 6 digit code)
  3. Be asked to set a password for your account
  4. Receive a welcome email — this means your account is active

Please note: if you have not been asked to create a password, your account will not yet be active

I signed up for Apolitical — how long until my membership is approved?

If you sign up using a pre-approved government email address, your membership request will be automatically approved. Follow the steps in your verification email to activate your account.

All other applications will need to be reviewed in accordance with our membership requirements. We aim to process your application within 72 hours.

Who can become an Apolitical community member?

Apolitical is an inclusive and supportive community for those working in and around government that are directly involved in shaping public policy outcomes. You can find a comprehensive overview of who can join our vetted community here.

Verifying my account

Why am I receiving an error message after entering my 6 digit verification code?
  • Your code has expired — each verification code is valid for up to 72 hours, after which you will need to request a new one.
  • The code entered is incorrect — double check that the digits are correct, and that you are entering the code from the latest verification email sent out to you. If previous requests have been made for a new code, only the latest verification code sent will be valid.
I haven't received a verification code — how do I get one?

You will be sent an email with your verification code once your application has been reviewed and approved by our vetting team. If you are applying using a non-governmental email address, approval can take up to three working days. If you haven't received your verification email:

  • Check your spam folder and inbox for an email from with the subject line: Activate your Apolitical account
  • Request a new code if you can't find the email — these usually send immediately, but can take up to an hour to appear in your inbox
  • If you're still experiencing issues, contact
What can I send to help you verify my information?

The more information you provide when signing up, the quicker we can review your application. Information includes:

  • Your full name, job title, department and organisation
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Your work email address
  • Your bio on your employer’s website
  • Online publications with your name and professional affiliation

Changing account details

How do I change my email address?

Our email change function is unavailable at the moment.

Please email if you would like information on how your account email address can be changed.

How do I change my password?

To change your email address:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on ‘Settings & privacy located under your profile icon in the top right hand corner of the website
  3. Click the ‘Password’ tab
  4. Enter your current and new password, and confirm your new password
  5. Click ‘Save new password
How do I delete my account, and my personal data?

Send a message to and to have your account and data deleted.

Once we delete your account, your profile, email address, and other personal data will be removed from the platform and our databases.

Receiving emails

I signed up for an email boot camp, but am having trouble receiving the lessons.

If you can't see an email in your inbox or junk folder, please check:

  • That you're up to date - we send new lessons weekly
  • If your government firewall restrictions are blocking emails sent from us - you may need to contact your IT department to check this
  • That you've ticked the ‘Events and courses I've signed up for box in your communication preferences (click on 'Manage preferences' at the bottom of any previous email from us to tailor your subscription options)
  • Whether you previously enrolled on a course - if you can't find the lessons in your inbox, contact
I signed up for an email boot camp, but can’t find the confirmation email.

Some bootcamps do not have confirmation emails. If you haven't received a lesson or confirmation email in your inbox or junk folder, please contact

Viewing content

I created an account with Apolitical but I can't log in - why can't I see the content?

If you created an account using our log in page but your account isn't yet activated, you won't be able to access all of our courses and events. To activate your account:

  1. Check your inbox and junk folder for a verification email
  2. Follow the instructions in the verification email and enter the verification code (if it has expired you may need to request a new one)
  3. Set your recovery email
  4. Create a password for your account
  5. Once you receive the ‘Welcome to Apolitical: Account creation successful email, your account will be activated
The link I've clicked isn't working - what’s happening?

If you're unable to use our links, your work server may have firewall restrictions in place that block external content. If you're still having issues after switching to a personal device, contact

Plus+ course subscriptions

How can I purchase a Plus+ subscription?

We’re no longer offering an unlimited subscription model where learners can access all of our courses as a package. Instead, new courses will only be available to be purchased individually.

What does this mean if you already have a subscription?

Your subscription will continue until your expiry date, and will not be renewed thereafter. While your subscription is active, you’ll still have access to all courses included in the original subscription.

Why are we doing this?

As we build a larger, more diverse portfolio of courses, we are developing courses that vary in length, complexity, & subject area. By moving away from a subscription model, we’re increasing the amount of flexibility we can offer learners in the kind of courses we offer.

How do I retrieve my certificate?

Click ‘Mark as complete’ on all lessons to show you've completed each section of the course.

Your certificate should arrive within 48 hours. If it doesn't appear in your inbox or junk folder, contact

Events and workshops

I'm unable to attend an event. Will a recording be made available?

Yes! If you registered for an event, we will send a recording to your email address within two working days after the event. These recordings will also be uploaded to the event page.

Top tips

Our most useful tips:
  1. Switch to a different browser (we advise against Internet Explorer) or turn on private browsing
  2. Disconnect from any VPN service you might be using
  3. Try using a personal device or network
  4. Avoid entering personal details using autofill

Haven't found the answer here?

Send us an email at and our support team will be happy to help