Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Joining the Apolitical community

How do I become an Apolitical community member?
I signed up for Apolitical — how long until my membership is approved?
Who can become an Apolitical community member?

Verifying my account

Why am I receiving an error message after entering my 6 digit verification code?
I haven't received a verification code — how do I get one?
What can I send to help you verify my information?

Changing account details

How do I change my email address?
How do I change my password?
How do I delete my account, and my personal data?

Receiving emails

I signed up for an email boot camp, but am having trouble receiving the lessons.
I signed up for an email boot camp, but can’t find the confirmation email.

Viewing content

I created an account with Apolitical but I can't log in - why can't I see the content?
The link I've clicked isn't working - what’s happening?

Plus+ course subscriptions

How can I purchase a Plus+ subscription?
How do I retrieve my certificate?

Events and workshops

I'm unable to attend an event. Will a recording be made available?

Top tips

Our most useful tips:
  1. Switch to a different browser (we advise against Internet Explorer) or turn on private browsing
  2. Disconnect from any VPN service you might be using
  3. Try using a personal device or network
  4. Avoid entering personal details using autofill
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