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Lockers at our aquatic facilities are separated by gender and our policy has always been that children 5 & older must use the locker that matches their gender. How do we make this less trans and nonbinary exclusive while still having gendered lockers? — Samantha Slayer

Once, I witnessed the excruciating discomfort of a transgendered person trying to change in the women's locker room. My heart ached for this person... Read more here

Hi lovely people..I was wondering are there examples of cities that have taken a gender mainstreaming approach to transport and also to climate change? — Shehnaz Cassim Moosa

There's some interesting work happening in Barcelona around inclusive planning for urban parks and climate adaptation (climate refuges)... Read more here

How to influence upwards, when an organisation's leadership doesn't agree we have a gender inequality issue? — Anonymous

Hi, from my experience the first step is to understand why that is the case. Is it because admitting it would look bad on them, do they have the wrong data... Read more here

Great questions from the community

I know there are alliances made with activists from religious groups in favour of CSE and SRHR. Have there been any attempts to deploy progressive theologians (of all genders) as advocates? — Robert Thomson

Any tips for leveraging political will to advance a gender equity mandate? — Kelly Buckley

What could be the effects of climate change on women? — Winnie

How can I address pay gap issues in a union environment where salaries have little room for negotiation? — Kristopher Carter

How do I create and work with men as allies; I want to know how to drive an intersectional gender equality policy (not just for white women like me)?— Joanne Hacking

How do I deal with my organization's belief that gender and gender equality are moot issues? — Darell Artates

There is a link between climate change and sexual and reproductive health & rights (SRHR), how can we leverage on this relationship to enhance SRHR for women and young girls globally? — Alex Omari