Q&A Community Guidelines

Q&A Community Guidelines

Community values

Contributing to Apolitical helps the global public service community learn from your experiences and knowledge. We appreciate posts that are:

  • Respectful and supportive
  • Solutions-focused
  • Practical
  • Clear and easy to read

Community Q&A

You can ask for advice, feedback, information, or inspiration on anything related to government or policy.

Great questions:

  • Are direct. Concise questions make it easier for other members to understand and answer you.
  • Give context. Aim to provide enough detail so that someone with no knowledge of your department or government can understand the situation.

Great answers:

  • Provide actionable advice.
  • Seek to educate and inform. Answers shouldn't argue with or belittle the author.
  • Use evidence from reliable sources, where needed, and reference the author.

What's not allowed

To maintain a trusted, safe space for the global public servant community, we don't allow posts that:

  • Contain inappropriate or abusive language
  • Don't relate to work or life in government
  • Are demeaning or harmful to other community members
  • Contain factually incorrect information (information that is incorrect in its primary conclusions or relies on unreliable evidence)
  • Contain self-promotional content that doesn't primarily benefit the learning of public servants

Questions and answers are submitted directly by members. They are solely the opinion of members, not of Apolitical. To report content that violates these community guidelines, please email community@apolitical.co.

Thank you for being part of the Apolitical community and upholding our values.