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Sustainable Finance Q&A Page

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How can governments leverage their stakes in privately owned companies to create a more sustainable private sector? — Sarah Brown

Spatial finance is the integration of geospatial data and analysis into financial theory and practice. This report is the Spatial Finance Initiative's first annual review of the state and trends in spatial finance. The report examines... Join the conversation

Which sustainable assets are best suited to municipal pension funds? — Brad Lander

Financial institutions with over $70 trillion in assets have so far pledged to achieve net zero portfolios and loanbooks by 2050, including meeting ambitious interim 2030 targets. This working paper reveals... Join the conversation

What activities fall within the scope of Sustainable Finance? — Carrie Brindle

The cost of capital is a key lever in the real economy, due to its ability to influence capital flows and investment decisions. This report seeks to understand how financing costs across different energy technologies and markets has changed... Join the conversation

How can government nudge private investors to consider sustainable investments? — Jason Morrow

At the turn of the decade, a specific class of risks are coming increasingly into focus - long-term risks (LTRs). Pandemic, climate change, and social resilience represent major threats both to economies and sound and stable financial markets... Join the conversation

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How can I convince my department to change our investment strategy? — Caroline Kim

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Does anyone have a great example of a smaller city incentivising sustainable investment? — Jacob Joergens

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Has anyone dealt with public opposition to encouraging carbon neutral investment? If so, how? — Jian Ting Gao

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