Who can join the community?

Who can join the community?

Apolitical is a community for the people working in and around government. Our mission is to enable better sharing and learning in the policy-making process. For people to feel comfortable sharing, they need to feel like they can trust the community. They need to feel able to be open about challenges, experiences and failure.

For this reason, we only approve applications from those who are directly involved in shaping public policy outcomes. This includes:

✅ Government officials and public servants - this includes central, federal, local and city government

✅ People in multilaterals and international organisations that are funded by, or work intimately with, government

✅ Senior academics and think tank staff whose work is relevant to government

✅ Funds and philanthropies working on issues that are important to government

We do not approve applications from:

🔒 Lobbyists

🔒 Journalists

🔒 Students

🔒 Management consultancies

🔒 Large for profit companies

🌻 Our first priority is making sure Apolitical is a safe space for public servants. We thank you for understanding.

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