Who can join the community?

Who can join the community?

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Apolitical is a community for people working in government and closely supporting government. Community members are encouraged to connect and learn with each other, taking inspiration from 🌻 Apolitical’s community values & guidelines 🌻

Our community is designed primarily for public servants. We define a ‘public servant’ as someone working in government administration at local, city, national, or multilateral level. They are typically civil servants, but they can also be elected officials.

Our test for who, beyond public servants, we accept into our community is: would their being part of the community add value for our core public service community member? Here’s the full list of who we currently do and don’t accept applications from:

We do approve applications from:

Public servants and government officials, our core community

Senior academics and think tank staff whose insights are valuable for public servants*

People working with philanthropic foundations and non-government organisations whose insights and work are relevant to government*

*Work relates to policy, they work closely with government, or they are funded by government.

We do not approve applications from:

🔒 Journalists so public servants feel Apolitical is a safe space to share

🔒 Undergraduate students who are not yet established in a professional capacity

🔒 Lobbyists and private sector companies or consultants to avoid the risk of lobbying or pitching*

🔒 People who work in the wider public service for whom our product is not currently designed to serve (such as school teachers and medical professionals)

*Exceptions may be made for those embedded in government and exclusively providing public services or government functions within a private sector business model.

🌻 We are intentional about who is in our community to ensure we offer them the best value possible from Apolitical. Our membership criteria exists to create a supportive and trusted environment where opportunities and challenges can be shared openly.

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